Solid ROI Report™

When you need quantified value such as ROI or cost-savings to demonstrate the value of your med-tech innovation.

The Solid ROI Report™ is a comprehensive exploration of quantifiable value to produce specific metrics, like ROI

Once you have a full understanding of the value of your innovation and have developed one or more specific value propositions, you need to determine what is quantifiable. This requires a full examination of the relevant perspectives and the available information in order to estimate specific quantities associated with various sources of value.

What does the engagement entail?

This engagement involves several calls/meetings to gather certain information, and then the majority of the burden is on our team to gather information and construct specific metrics.
In this process, we will address the following components:
  • The clinical space and care pathway to identify specific value sources
  • Relevant perspectives to specify how the quantified value will be considered and related to key stakeholders
  • Available research, published literature, and information to summarize potential inputs for ROI calculations
  • The current gap in care and its associated costs to size the opportunity in monetary terms for specific stakeholders
  • The potential value capture to quantify what portion of the opportunity your innovation will address
  • Certified(TM) ROI estimates and related metrics to quantify value
  • Sensitivity analyses (if included) to demonstrate the robustness of the ROI estimates
  • Additional and non-monetary value to be included in future value messaging
  • Suggested value messages and recommended next steps for external facing materials and dissemination

What can I expect from the report?

Each report will include specific sections to address each of the components described above, including visuals to help convey key messages:

 ROI Estimates will be described with details and relevant graphs when appropriate:

Depending on your needs, you may choose the level of depth that the report provides:

This report will include the key elements you will need to communicate value to specific audiences and stakeholders, including quantified metrics like ROI.

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