Securing Funding

Securing Funding

strategic planning, developing proposals/applications, summarizing current literature

Securing funding involves effectively demonstrating:

  • A need or opportunity for improvement or change
  • That there is a valid methodology for implementing and measuring change
  • That the results wil produce significant benefits for patients, providers, and payers

It is also necessary to be credible and reliable, so that the funding source feels that risk is minimal. In addition to leveraging clinical knowledge, practical experience, and previous successes, establishing these characteristics relies on creativity and storytelling to evoke the necessary emotion. Describe your situation to learn more about what’s possible.

I have helped individuals and organizations write proposals, summarize clinical literature, and perform Return on Investment (ROI) Analysis in pursuit of funding. (See case studies.)

Get ready now for your next proposal.

Avoid the frantic and scattered proposal process that typically follows the release of an RFP or TORP. There is a better way, one with an efficient use of time and minimal waste and re-work. Learn how to leverage Lean methodology and the Theory of Constraints (TOC) to improve your proposal development. Contact me below to learn more.

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