Designing Projects

Designing Projects

measurement concepts, data requirements, analytic tools, return on investment (ROI), feasibility

In order to truly demonstrate change, we need to be able to determine what to measure and how to measure it. Designing research studies or quality improvement initiatives require a multifaceted knowledge base to merge clinical realities with data and measurement concepts.

Effective projects have a solid foundation of:

  • Valid and reliable measurements
  • Applicable data
  • Statistically rigorous analytic methods

Get help with all aspects of your project, from establishing a clear hypothesis to sound data collection and appropriate analysis strategy. Describe what you are facing and the result you’d like to see.

Improve your measurement and evaluation

Learn how to really demonstrate the impact you have through effective strategies for measuring and evaluating your project or intervention. If you are a non-profit community-based organization (CBO) you may be eligible to receive assistance at a discounted rate. See more here.