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Join organizations who understand the need for analytic support and the value of being part of a club

It’s time to change the model of analytic support

Get help with proposals, project design, statistical analysis, and data displays when you need it while staying within your budget.

Prepare your organization for the future of

measurement and evaluation in healthcare.

Let’s modernize how you have your analytic needs met


The OLD way of doing things:

You scrambled to complete proposals

You had to wait until an RFP was released, and then you hired or contracted with an analyst – if you could find one – to develop an analytic plan and advise on data collection.

You lacked resources to develop expertise in-house

You know the importance of understanding basic concepts in measurement and evaluation, but there’s no good way for staff to learn and apply techniques and tools to real situations. As a result, you are beholden to contractors and outside resources to address any analytic issue.

You had questions that went unanswered

Either you have data you think could be useful or you have an issue you think you could address, but you don’t know how to even begin. Unfortunately, there’s no one you can ask analytic questions of.


A NEW model of analytic support:

You have access to analytic expertise when you need it

Expert advice and guidance are available on-demand, as are resources like templates and worksheets to meet your needs in a timely way.

You save money by leveraging data and measurement

Your projects are planned correctly to maximize the ability to measure and evaluate outcomes; this increases the chances of funding and your ability to improve internal outcomes and efficiency…all for a small monthly fee.

You increase organizational knowledge and connections

In addition to developing understanding of data and measurement across the organization, you connect with others facing similar analytic challenges to share experiences and best practices.

Members of Club Analytic have specific needs:


They understand that data literacy is no longer optional or limited to an "analytic team"; everyone needs to be educated in concepts of measurement and evaluation


They want real, practical solutions to impact their bottom line right now


They don't have the need or the budget for a full-time analyst position, which can cost $80,000 or more per year


But, they want access to information, resources, and an expert who can answer questions and provide guidance and support when needed

Club Analytic is a new model: get all of the analytic support you need, when you need it, for one low monthly fee.


Get Access to Information

Gain entry into the “Knowledge Bank” and its short, practical articles, guides, worksheets, and templates for performing basic analytic tasks


Develop and Foster Analytic Thinking

Learn about analytic topics through training and one-on-one coaching so that you have the confidence to apply them yourself


Connect with Others

Participate in communal video conferences to share ideas with other organizations, ask questions, and connect with those facing similar analytic challenges


Receive Personal Attention

When needed, get access to a statistician and evaluation expert with over 20 years of experience in health care


Tap into Additional Support when Needed

When statistical analysis, writing, or presentation is needed, tap into this support through an hourly rate or membership level


Reduce Stress and Gain Confidence in Analysis

Eliminate the uncertainty: know that becuase you have access to analytic expertise, you can pursue that grant, evaluate that program, and disseminate the message of the results

Through a monthly membership, you can have access to the analytic support you need.


This might be for you if you have ever thought or said:

"We can't seem to find an analyst to help us when we really need one."

"The person we contracted with didn't seem to understand what we needed."

"They offered us a 'cookie-cutter' solution when we really needed a custom solution."

"We don't even know where to start. How do we know when to get help with the analytic aspects?"

"We typically can't afford the lump sum necessary to hire an outside analyst to help us with a project or proposal."


Depending on your needs, there are three levels of membership available (prices are per organization, not per person):

*All levels assume a minimum engagement of at least 3 months

Not sure which option is right for you? I can help.

14 + 5 =

On the fence? Take a look at some of what you will get access to:

To help you figure out what level is right for you, let’s look at some examples of how some organizations might utilize the access levels.

Example 1: A small, rural practice

With only a few cliicians, this practice just needs access to information that will help them navigate federal requirements regarding performance measure testing and submission. They also want to understand basic analytic concepts for when they interact with their national society or go to conferences.

The Basic level is probably sufficient for this group, at least initially. At that level, they will have access to analytic information, be able to ask unlimited questions, and can connect with others during video “Club Calls.”

Example 2: A long term care facility

This facility collects data on residents and has ideas for quality improvement activities. They know they’ll need some additional assistance to learn and apply the concepts and tools to their projects.

At the Standard level, this facility would have access to all of the information and opportunities provided at the Basic level, but would also receive personalized training and walk-throughs of key concepts and tools. This would save them significant money when considering the hourly cost of analytic advice.

Example 3: A healthcare organization

This organization has plans to go after several funding opportunities in the coming year. They have a larger vision for where they want to be in the future and have an interest in investing in the development of their staff.

The Premium level probably makes the most sense for this organization. At this level, they not only get the tools, training, and access  provided at the Basic and Standard levels, they also receive personalized coaching for up to 3 individuals to develop their measurement and evaluation skills.

Your Organization: A custom solution?

Perhaps there are aspects of more than one of these options that appeal to you and fit your needs, or maybe you have specific needs you want to address. 

Reach out and let’s discuss a Custom membership for your organization.

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