ROI Training

Organizational Development: ROI

Develop the tools needed to assess the value of quality improvement activities for inclusion in proposals and final reports.

Take your organization to the next level of understanding by receiving tailored training in ROI techniques.

I have developed three different levels of intensity to address your specific needs and circumstances. As part of any of these trainings you will receive:

  • In-person training on the basics of ROI
  • Templates for performing ROI analysis
  • Tools to gather information and determine the appropriate estimates
  • Detailed descriptions of how to perform ROI analysis and the relevent steps
  • A free copy of my book, “ROI for Healthcare Quality Improvement” (Springer) (when released)


Intro to ROI

This 2-hour introduction provides the foundation for understanding the steps needed to calculate the ROI for quality improvement activities. Ideal for those hoping to learn more about ROI and how to think about the value of quality improvement.

ROI Basics
What is ROI? How is it used?
Defining scope & perspective
Identifying costs & benefits
Base case calculations
Sensitivity analysis
Interpreting and presenting results


ROI Workshop

During a half-day together we will not only cover the basics of ROI but will dive in and apply the techniques to a real situation. This is ideal for those needing to develop an ROI analysis for a proposal or summary report, and will leave you with tools for future analyses.

ROI Basics
Everything from “Intro to ROI”
Half-day Workshop
Assess a current project
Identify potential measures
Explore cost & benefit sources
Formalize a process for calculations
Develop templates and table shells
Follow-up: 2 Conference calls
Answer questions and address issues


ROI Guidance

With a full-day workshop and on-going guidance, this package is designed for those who want continued assistance with a specific ROI analysis. Together we will develop and execute a plan to gather the necessary information, calculate the appropriate metrics, and present the results.

ROI Basics
Everything from “Intro to ROI”
Full-day Workshop
Develop a plan to assess ROI
Assign tasks to gather information
Explore necessary assumptions
Determine metrics for success
Develop templates and table shells
Follow-up: 3 months of assistance
Populate templates and table shells
Calculate base case values
Perform sensitivity analysis
Interpret results
Develop final report


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American Medical Association (AMA) • Stratis Health • Oklahoma Foundation for Medical Quality • Optum • University of Minnesota • Indiana University • American Society of Clinical Oncologists (ASCO) • ICSI • Kidney Care Quality Alliance (KCQA) • Medtronic • NYU • Boston Scientific • Harvard Medical School • MPRO • Telligen • E4 Enterprise • Lee Branding • MetaStar