ROI for QI Resources

Welcome! Below you will find free downloadable templates and helpful guides for performing ROI analyses. If you have any questions regarding their use do not hesitate to reach out with a question.

Abstracting Information from published articles

When compiling information from various sources and gathering estimates for values for use in your ROI analysis, this template can help organize the information and provide a useful summary for you and those working on the analysis.


Cost Savings Worksheet

This excel template is helpful when exploring various scenarios to see what the resulting cost-savings will be of your intervention. You can vary different assumptions and determine how those changes affect the resulting return.


Report Outline Template

This Word document provides a generic template for presenting the results of a ROI analysis, ensuring that all of they key information is included.

Proposal Checklist

There is a lot of information that needs to be presented when providing a ROI analysis as part of a proposal, whether it is for an internal or external audience. This checklist can help ensure that you have covered all of the key aspects of the analysis.