Comprehensive Value Portfolio™

The Comprehensive Value Portfolio (CVP)™ is a collection of resources developed specifically for your organization to help you demonstrate the value of your device, product, service, or solution.

Who is it for?

Device, digital health, and med-tech companies who want to be prepared to clearly communicate the value of their healthcare solution to payers, investors, or end-users. 

What is it?

Your CVP begins with a value strategy we develop together that identifies the individual components needed and the key messages they need to convey. Then I develop for you the various white papers, value briefs, and economic analyses we’ve agreed upon.  Once completed, your CVP contains a collection of written materials explaining and demonstrating the clinical and economic value of your healthcare solution. 

What does it do?

With a full portfolio of relevant materials, you can quickly share tangible, credible evidence of the value of your solution to meet almost any request:

‣ If a payer wants a detailed description of how your solution addresses a specific gap in care, you have one or more white papers to share with them.

‣ If a clinician wants a short, high-level summary of value with key messages, you can present one of the value briefs.

‣ If an investor wants an in-depth estimate of the financial return in a real-world setting, you will have an extensive ROI analysis and report.

Regardless of the situation, your CVP contains one or more of the materials you need.

What is included?

Each organization’s CVP will be personalized to meet their unique needs, but the individual components may include some or all of the following:

CVP Component Description and Purpose
Overarching strategy This describes the overall goal of the CVP, the intended audiences, and the key value messages. It ensures that the different components are consistent and cohesive in their structure, approach, and message.
White paper(s) These provide a detailed illustration of the current need or gap in care, its burden, and your solution’s impact. They educate and demonstrate knowledge and credibility because they are rooted in scientific research and estimates.
Value brief(s) These are 2-3 page high-level summaries of the primary value messages for specific audiences. It includes bulleted highlights, some narrative, and relevant tables or graphs in a visually appealing layout. They can serve as either an introduction or as a “leave behind” after conversations with key audiences.
Peer-reviewed paper(s) Peer-reviewed papers establish the clinical and scientific credibility of the benefits of your solution.
ROI Analysis This is an extensive examination of how the solution would perform and produce a financial return in a real-world application. It includes a literature search to gather relevant estimates and inform necessary assumptions, and calculates the potential financial return from a single perspective. This serves as the most tangible demonstration of the type and quantify of value that your solution will provide
A Trusted Advisor Continued assistance and guidance as you navigate the journey to demonstrate and disseminate your value. This bonus service allows you to adapt and pivot based on feedback you receive from audiences and your evolving understanding of the market and potential opportunities.

When developed in tandem, the individual components will be cohesive and complimentary, so that the CVP as a whole provides the full picture of the value associated with your solution.

What does it cost?

The specifics of your CVP will be determined by your unique situation and needs. Click “Get Started Now” below to learn more. If you’re unsure, ask about a Value Needs Assessment™ as a first step.

“Craig was able to help us craft clear logic that allows us to illustrate the true value that had not previously been fully identified. Craig was very flexible as our needs evolved, and we ultimately procduced a clear value proposition for our new technology.”

“Craig was responsive to last-minute requests and was able to accommodate our busy schedules. Upon project completion, Craig provided us with guidance for future projects, including opportunities to show further value created by our programs.”

Current or former clients who have received one or more of the CVP components: