Communicating Value

Convincing someone to use or pay for your innovation

This might be the most challenging part of value demonstration. This requires you to fully understand how the decision-maker you are speaking to thinks about value.

Are they entirely focused on monetary gains and losses? Do they care about non-monetary value? How far into the future are they willing to project when considering accumulated benefits? What is a “reasonable” ROI from their perspective?

It can be difficult to know, and every situation is different. However, you are best served if you can:

  • Develop the right value message for the right audience
  • Assemble credible and compelling evidence of both financial ROI and non-monetary value
  • Identify potential barriers or risk related to acceptance and adoption
  • Create effective materials that speak to the decision-maker



So, what should you do?

Your ability to convince decision-makers that your innovation is “worth” the cost, disruption, or added complexity hinges on how well you quantify and communicate the relationship of the benefits to the costs.

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