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Case Studies

Evaluating the ROI of Quality Improvement to Show Cost Savings

A non-profit organization that helps hospitals and facilities implement targeted quality improvement wanted to understand the financial return…

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Assessing the Value of Improving Upper Arm Mobility with an External Device

A medical device start-up who had developed an assistive device to help those with upper-limb neuromuscular conditions or injuries needed to illustrate their value…

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Demonstrating the Value of Video-based Medication Management

A digital health company who focuses on enabling care in the home to allow for aging in place has a two-way audio-visual device that dispenses pre-packed medications…

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Calculating the Cost-Savings of Improving Self-Care and Reducing Falls

A non-profit organization provides classes intended to prevent falls and manage chronic disease, and wants to quantify the cost-avoidance their classes produce…

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Sizing the Market for a Remote Patient Monitoring Device

A medical device company developed an innovative remote patient monitoring device wanted to estimate the potential market size that this device could help secure…

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“Craig was able to help us craft clear logic that allows us to illustrate the true value that had not previously been fully identified. Craig was very flexible as our needs evolved, and we ultimately procduced a clear value proposition for our new technology.”

“Craig was responsive to last-minute requests and was able to accommodate our busy schedules. Upon project completion, Craig provided us with guidance for future projects, including opportunities to show further value created by our programs.”

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American Medical Association (AMA) • Stratis Health • Oklahoma Foundation for Medical Quality • Optum • University of Minnesota • Indiana University • American Society of Clinical Oncologists (ASCO) • ICSI • Kidney Care Quality Alliance (KCQA) • Medtronic • NYU • Boston Scientific • Harvard Medical School • MPRO • Telligen • E4 Enterprise • Lee Branding • MetaStar