Demonstrate the Value of Your Medical Device or Digital Health Solution

Make the business case for better care: ROI, cost-savings, and value demonstration

 We help device and med-tech companies demonstrate the monetary and non-monetary value of their product or service.

Take a free assessment to evaluate your current ability to demonstrate value.

Leverage our expertise to develop materials and help you prepare.

Get custom, evidence-based results:

      • ROI calculations
      • Cost-savings analysis
      • Budget-impact analysis
      • White papers/Peer-reviewed papers
      • Value briefs
      • Literature summaries

Get on-going advice and strategy:

      • Be prepared for meetings with key audiences
      • Understand how payers and providers think about value
      • Accelerate your progress toward a fund raise or market entry
      • Plan studies to capture value-related data

“We encourage portfolio companies to invest early in measuring clinical and financial ROI…”

– Bessemer Venture Partners in “How to scale a health tech business to $100 million ARR and beyond.” April 5, 2023 (link)

What others have said:

“I had a great experience working with Craig. He is one of the smartest people I met in the healthcare community and his insights have been very helpful. I always learn something new when I have a conversation with Craig.”

“Craig was able to help us craft clear logic that allows us to illustrate the true value that had not previously been fully identified. Craig was very flexible as our needs evolved, and we ultimately produced a clear value proposition for our technology.”

“Upon completion of our project, Craig provided us guidance for future projects, including opportunities to show further value created by our programs.”

“We brought Craig in for a new perspective…our project won our business unit’s Start of Excellence quality and innovation award that year. Craig delivered the technical expertise with high EQ and people skills. I still use some of the questions he asked on that project today in my current work.”

“Dr. Solid is an outstanding healthcare delivery consultant…his high level of emotional intelligence and social intelligence make him an outstanding catalyst to support your organization.”

Dr. Malaz Boustani

Chief Innovation and Implementation Officer, CHIIS/Indiana University